Twists on taking attendance…

How do you take attendance? I’ve run across a few ways, maybe one will work better than your current plan.

-Numbering: every student gets a number. Start class, have everyone number off. The secretary (or you) catches those not present and logs those numbers into the records. Fast and easy. Make sure everyone in the program has a unique number, then you can do it even at mass rehearsals when needed.

-Pull your tag: every student has a tag (or poker chip, whatever) that is velcro-ed to a board that shows your seating chart. Singers pull their tags off the board on the way into rehearsal and drop them in a bucket.

-Metronome: set a metronome at something like 80 bpm. You call last names and the students shout “here” on the beats… Anderson – HERE! – Baker – HERE! – Calland – HERE! etc. Every day you can get through the roster without a kid missing their mark, speed up 10 clicks.

Anyone have other good ones?


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