The Magic Board of SOLFEGE

When I was in college, we practiced interval training for sight-reading using this chart. I’m sure it’s been around forever. It’s called the Magic Board of Solfege. I used to have a big poster of it, and point to different scale degrees in patterns to familiarize the choir with intervals. Then at one point I used an overhead projector. I had one plastic sheet with a staff and one with the circles, so I could move the chart into different keys. These days I use a smart board, so I included the notebook file if you could use it.

This is one of the best ways to sharpen singers’ ears. You can jump around quickly, use it to strengthen interval jumps, point to 4-6 notes in a row while the choir watches in silence, then sings them back, or even use two hands to have the choir divided into ever-changing harmony.

It’s the Magic Board of Solfege. Download the Smart Board file for it HERE.

Solfege Ladder_1 Solfege Ladder_2

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