Agreement To Provide Producer Statement Auckland

A producer statement is a professional opinion based on sound judgment and expertise. This is not a product warranty or a guarantee of conformity. Building agents contain information for advice on manufacturer testimonials. While manufacturers` testimonials are well established and widely disseminated, they have no special status under the Building Act 2004. They are used as a source of information on which the Commission can rely to determine whether there are reasonable grounds to believe that the work complies with the Construction Code. If an agreement has been reached for a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) to oversee construction monitoring (and provide for a builder`s declaration), all limited construction work performed during this monitoring must continue to be performed or supervised by a Licensed Construction Expert (LBP). The LBP must also provide a record of work for the restricted work they perform or supervise. Currently, there are four types of producer declarations, all of which are generally accepted by boards. They are known as: We also recommend using the manufacturer`s declaration (if any) as the engineer`s acceptance declaration at each stage of the construction process (e.g.B. Design, Verification and Construction Monitoring). For more information, see Engineering New Zealand`s guideline on manufacturer testimonials. For residential work, Licensed Construction Practitioners (PPL) must provide a Certificate of Employment (CoW) for the technical design of the primary structure (including foundations).

It is appropriate to attach the relevant manufacturer`s statements to the CoW and to refer explicitly to these and other relevant reports (e.g.B. geotechnical reports and/or design feature reports) in the coW reference column. The Council should be aware of the date on which it expects to receive builder`s declarations during the building permit procedure. They must ensure that the contractor`s undertaking includes the need to make the manufacturer`s declaration after the completion of the work. Manufacturer testimonials are usually used for special work such as engineering or when there is a proprietary product installed by named contractors. Aspects of this work will not be the subject of an internal Board expertise and a producer statement may assist the Board in determining whether the construction work complies with the Building Code. The boards will apply their judgment if they take into account the manufacturers` statements and the weight they must give them. The manufacturer`s declarations are signed by a recognized specialist (usually an engineer or architect) working in his field of competence. The specialist must ensure that the SP is complete and accurate and that they have met the requirements of their sector code. Manufacturer`s statements can help support building permit applications (and certification of compliance) as long as the Council accepts them as accurate and reliable.

Guidelines: The use of manufacturer`s declarations [PDF 56 KB] on the Engineering New Zealand website contains information on what should be included in a manufacturer`s declaration. You may need to provide a PS3 (construction) at the end of some construction projects. In your letter of authorization for the building permit, you should indicate whether you need a PS3 as part of your application for a code compliance certificate. . . .