Article 13 Agreement On Agriculture

(a) eligibility for such payments shall be determined by a loss of income which takes into account only agricultural income exceeding 30% of the average gross income or equivalent of net income (excluding payments under the same or similar schemes) during the previous three-year period or an average of three years on the basis of the previous five-year period; excluding the highest and lowest entrance. Any producer who fulfils this condition is eligible to obtain the payments. • The WTO Agreement on Agriculture contains a “peace clause” governing the application of other WTO agreements to agricultural subsidies, in accordance with Article 13. The provisions provide that domestic measures in support of Green Box may not be subject to countervailing duties or other subsidy measures under the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, nor may they be subject to measures based on the non-violation, waiver or alteration of tariff concessions granted under gatt. Policies in this category include expenditures (or revenue losses) related to programs providing services or benefits to agriculture or the rural community. They must not include direct payments to producers or processors. .