Contra Costa County Purchase Agreement Addendum

1 CONTRA COSTA COUNTY CONTRACT OF SALE ADDENDUM A SERVICE OF THE Contra Costa Association of REALTORS. This form is intended for use with the California Association of REALTORS RPA Residential Purchase Agreement and/or RIPA Residential Income Purchase Agreement forms. Lateral compliance with sanitary sewers in this addendum is provided for land located only in certain parts of West Contra Costa County that is not incorporated. The seismic compliance of the gas valve in this addendum is intended for use in unclassified areas of Contra Costa County, including Alamo, Bay Point, Blackhawk, Crockett, Clyde, El Sobrante, Kensington, Pacheco, Port Costa, Rodeo and parts of San Pablo and Richmond. Please also read the separate contra Costa County or city regulations and specific regulations for real estate in the area you are selling or buying. Disclosure documents and forms may contain references, including website addresses and Internet links (hyperlinks), to additional important documents that are not printed on the document itself. Buyers and sellers should consider these links if they are not completely satisfied with the document as presented to them. The information contained in this addition has been compiled by the Contra Costa Association of REALTORS as a service to its members and takes effect from June This addition should not be an accurate reflection of all the legal requirements that may be imposed by the public and quasi-public authorities mentioned in this addition, either at the time of the preparation of the document, or at the time of drafting the document. Anytime after. Real estate agents and their distribution partners do not have the necessary training or skills to determine the legal suitability of this addition or the legal requirements that may be imposed on the property. If sellers or buyers have any questions or concerns about their legal rights and obligations, they should speak to their own qualified California real estate attorney. This is an amendment to this contract of sale, dated by and between (seller) and (buyer) for this property, commonly known as ca.

(the property) located in the sanitary district. Buyers and sellers should check the sanitary zone in which the property is located. Unless otherwise stated, all other conditions remain unchanged. FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS ADDENDUM, COMPLIANCE COSTS INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, ALL NECESSARY INSPECTIONS, REPORTS, AUDITS, FEES, AUTHORIZATIONS AND REPAIRS. CITY OF RICHMOND SANITARY DISTRICT and that the sanitary canal is laterally compliant with the guidelines of the City of Richmond. The seller must provide the buyer with proof of conformity before the final condition check. Page 1 of 6 Congratulations on your decision to buy a home in New York! While this decision is exciting, the steps required to buy a home are many and can become confusing.