Sample Canteen Concessionaire Agreement

The seller undertakes to retain all authorizations and licenses required by the Ministry of Health for the duration of this concession contract. By signing the following agreement, seller and owner enter into this concession agreement and communicate their intention to maintain this agreement at all times. PandaTip: This model concession agreements can be signed by the owner and seller of the property by e-sign. All PandaDoc E signatures are legally binding and authorized by the courts. The Seller will not sublet or transfer this agreement to third parties without the prior written permission of the Owner. The seller must take out and maintain appropriate insurance for the duration of the concession contract. It is necessary to provide proof of insurance indicating the owner as “additionally insured”. The Lease Agreement is limited to the permitted areas listed in this Concession Agreement, unless the Owner grants written permission. The seller is responsible for all maintenance during the term of the concession contract. In case of delay or violation of the conditions of the concession contract, the owner reserves the right to terminate prematurely. In case of cancellation due to fault or delay, the seller is responsible for the rent or unpaid fees and is subject to additional late fees and cancellation fees. This concession agreement between [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Property Owner) and [Vendor.LastName] [Vendor.LastName] (Vendor) (Vendor) concerns the land of [Property.Location] and is subject to the following conditions: At the end of this concession agreement, the seller will remove all objects from the premises and return the property to its original condition.

PandaTip: the introduction to this model lists the seller and the owner as well as the establishment where the rental of the concession will take place. The specific area to be used by the seller is defined below in the agreement….