Sears Hvac Master Protection Agreement

The plaintiffs allege that the sear defendants breached their agreements, engaged in fraudulent business practices and were unduly enriched by the sale of “repair or replacement” protection framework contracts for equipment that Sears did not want to repair or replace. NEW JERSEY — I spent 20 years having a sears framework contract for our HLK systems. Over the years, we have had many complaints for not complying with their contractual terms, but as a result of noisy and frequent complaints, Sears has managed to cope. Not anymore. The last service appointments were all nightmares. DEZ. 2017 – Heating does not work. Sears cannot schedule service for 6 days. A local repair service.

Sears tried to refuse the refund. It took a lot of phone calls and emails for Sears to finally pay us $262. MAY 2018 – A/C maintenance scheduled for 8 days.