The Paris Climate Change Agreement A New Hope

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whatever its particular name”). 4 Tiffany Germain, Kristen Ellingboe &Kiley Kroh, The Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus: 114th Congress Edition, Climate Progress (January 8, 2015), 118 i. Article 4.3. The expectation of “progress” seems stronger than the principle of “non-back”, proposed by some during the negotiations, because it implies that the parties make progress and not only will not withdraw. It can be met by changes in the chain, scope or type of contribution. 188 Paris Pledge for Action, on (last visited march 15, 2016). 76 U.S. Climate Action Network, Who`s on board with the Copenhagen Accord?, at (last visited March 15, 2016). 1 This article is based on the author`s previous writings on the UN climate regime, including: A Tale of Two Architectures: The Once and Future UN Climate Change Regime, 43 Ariz. Saint-L.

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