Water Agreement Prices

However, in most countries, the authority that organizes the water supply (the municipality, the regional authority or a group of municipalities) sets the price of water, as well as that of sanitation, while most taxes are set by the state. The price is only set by the authority if it directly manages the service. If the service is delegated to a private company, the price is set by the municipality after negotiation of a medium- or long-term contract between the two parties, in which the operating conditions and the conditions for monitoring the services are determined and the conditions for price change are fixed for the entire period. However, in many regions, particularly in rural and suburban areas of developing countries, management committees or residents` associations under their management have taken the lead in establishing and managing local water or sanitation services. Therefore, they make the decisions for these entities and set the prices or the amount of the royalties (see fact sheets C5 to C8). – Water Academy: Publication of several very interesting and well-documented illustrated studies by Mr. Henri SMETS, President of ADEDE and eminent specialist in all pricing systems: – “Drinking water at an affordable price”, a 254-page book explaining the concept of affordable water prices and containing a detailed annex showing many examples and graphs illustrating pricing practices in many countries. .