“Brody McDonald is that rare choral conductor who is a master of tonal production, musical line, tuning, and getting his singers involved in their singing. It is a treat to watch him in the rehearsal setting, where his ability to motivate and inspire his various choirs to excellence is stunning.”

-Richard D. Mathey, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University


“Brody’s wide experience makes him a perfect coach.  Brody has built a program from the ground to the sky and can meet you where you are (skill-wise).  He knows the issues you are having because he has had them all and has overcome them.  He clearly defines your strengths and weaknesses and can bring any group to the next level.”

-Joe Whatley, Director of Vega – Chaminade-Julienne High School


“Brody is at the forefront of the contemporary a cappella movement.  The first time I ever saw Eleventh Hour perform my jaw dropped.  From that point on, I knew what was possible with high schoolers through contemporary a cappella.  Brody McDonald and Eleventh Hour have paved the way for so many high school groups.  Brody is a master clinician and at the top of the field.  If you need to know something about contemporary a cappella, it’s a no-brainer to talk to him or have him work with your group.”

 -Ben Spalding, Director of Forte – Centerville High School



“While working with Brody, it was clear to us that we had made the right choice in choosing him as a headliner for our retreat. The sessions and materials Brody had planned were above and beyond anything we had imagined. Brody was prepared and knowledgeable about his subject matter. Feedback from the retreat attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The experience we had with Brody at our retreat was absolutely exceptional.”  

-ACDA Chapter, Illinois State University


“Brody McDonald is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter.  Having witnessed his presentations at OMEA and ACDA conferences, as well as a presentation for the Ohio State ACDA student chapter, my students and I have had the pleasure of learning tremendously from Brody’s expertise in the field of pop a capella music.  Brody passionately presents his ideas and experience in a clear an organized manner.  The practical nature of his advice paired with his easy personality and sense of humor, make the sessions relevant and thoroughly enjoyable for the attendees.  The accomplishments and reputation of his students and program provide a credibility that that is hard to ignore.”

-Dr. Richard Schnipke, Conductor of the Women’s Glee Club/Lecturer in Choral Music – Ohio State University



“Nope, I’m not gonna endorse Brody McDonald! Let’s face it – he’s a high school director who in a few short years created a program from scratch, won several performance and recording awards, saw his group make it to National TV on the Sing Off, and published a book. I’m sorry, but he’s just too damn talented… Wait, I’m starting Camp Acappella with him? Well then I guess I have to.”

– Deke Sharon, vocal producer of The Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect


” Brody is a phenomenal educator – knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. His experience and expertise make him a great resource for students and musicians of all ages and ability levels.”

-Nick Girard, The House Jacks & Overboard


“Brody’s knowledge of the a cappella genre is unsurpassed in the High School sphere.  He is fiercely devoted to developing one the strongest choral departments in the country.  He is not afraid of learning and growing with his students which allows him to build an incredibly tight rapport with them.  He is amazing at building confidence and demands the highest level of performance from all his groups.”

-Ben McLain, SONOS


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