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Is vs. Isn’t

Take a look around, and find an object near you. Look at it. What is it? Say the answer out loud. How long did that take? A second?

Now look at the same object and list what it isn’t. List everything that object is not. It’s OK, I’ll wait…

How far did you get before you gave up? How many things did you list that the object isn’t? 10? 50? 100? The fact is that there is an almost infinite list of things the object is not.


So many times, singers fail to identify what they’re singing exactly. Consider every variable at play when singing: target vowel (formant), pitch, rhythm, diction, dynamics, syllable stress, tuning, blend, balance, position in chord and more all come into play. Each aspect of desired outcome must be taken into consideration while singing.

Therefore, for your sin...

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